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You probably heard many times ‘You’re what you eat.’ Well, to be accurate ‘You’re what you absorb’.

Given our diverse backgrounds and distinct genetic compositions, our bodies are uniquely crafted to absorb nutrients from specific foods, serving as the essential fuel for our cells to operate optimally. So it’s logical that the path to reclaiming energy and health should be tailored to meet specific needs. This is why we adopt the ‘Test, Not Guess’ approach, ensuring a personalized health rebuilding program to guide you on your journey. Let us to figure it out for you by looking into your body’s unique chemistry.

If you’re grappling with persistent low energy, it’s time to uncover the underlying reasons. You might have explored medical interventions or worked closely with a nutritionist to fine-tune your diet and supplements. Perhaps you’ve embraced green drinks for breakfast. Despite these efforts, you still find yourself lacking vitality and struggling to engage in activities you once enjoyed

Conditions we take a closer look at:

Hormone Imbalances

Immune function

IBS/SIBO/Gut infections

Leaky Gut

Celiac and Non-Celiac gluten sensitivity

Food Sensitivities

Detoxification issues

Mold related illness

Low immunity/Autoimmune conditions

Chronic pain


Blood Sugar

Cholesterol Issues

Hives/Eczema & Other skin conditions

Environmental & Chemical sensitivities

Dr. Dilara Khoshknabi is the Founder and Owner of “YOUnique Wellness Practice, LLC.”, a universal wellness hub built on the principle that our bodies possess innate intelligence for maintaining health through certain mechanisms (homeostatic controls) that promote fitness and vitality.

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Dr. Dilara Khoshknabi

Dilara Khoshknabi, MD, FDN-P (aka Dr.D)

Our Mission

  • Our mission is to improve your wellbeing by elevating the importance of nutrition & optimizing metabolism in managing different conditions, increasing health span, and improving performance through evidence-based education via live events and digital education.

  • We conduct assessments to unveil concealed stressors that may be influencing your primary concerns. These stressors can arise from existing imbalances, and the relationship between the two can create a complex interplay. Symptoms often manifest far downstream from the actual root cause, making it essential to comprehend the entire landscape.
  • Your healing journey begins once we receive all your results. Tailored to your specific outcomes, we formulate a personalized 90-day health rebuilding program. The results pinpoint “healing opportunities” that guide our focus on enhancing aspects such as Diet, Rest, Exercise, Stress Reduction, and Vital Supplementation.
  • As rebuilding health is a gradual process, what sets our program apart is its sustainability. You can seamlessly continue with the program even after our sessions conclude, thanks to the valuable education you acquire.
  • Consultation Services and Packages

Complimentary Consultation This is your opportunity to share your concerns and discuss what you aim to address. The consultation provides insights into my approach, methodology, and how I can assist you. During this 15-minute free phone session, we will explore your goals and determine if we are the right fit for collaboration

Individual Wellness Session – Embark on a thorough exploration of your health concerns with this comprehensive discovery session, serving as the initial phase in identifying the most effective wellness plan tailored to your needs. Ideal for clients seeking a foundational health assessment and prompt, actionable next steps. Second opinions and functional interpretations of medical and/or functional test results.

One 60-Minute Session – Comprehensive notes outlining immediate action steps for building better health.

Functional interpretation of test results utilizes precise ‘optimal’ ranges to pinpoint subtle physiological changes, identifying dysfunction, negative patterns, and potential areas of concern at an early stage, and to unveil vital insights into your body’s physiology. This approach allows to reveal HIDDEN stressors, and enables corrective measures/ restoration before problems manifest into illness.

The consultation includes a personalized functional analysis report and holistic planning for your next steps.

30 Minute Health Assessment

About Dr. Dilara Khoshknabi, MD, FDN-P (aka Dr. D)

Dr. Khoshknabi was trained as a pediatrician and practiced overseas for over 10 years. She has over 20 years of clinical research experience and has presented at many national and international meetings, representing Case Western Reserve University and Cleveland Clinic in the past. Currently, she serves as a Consultant at the Columbia University Medical Center,  Center of Innovation and Outcomes Research of the Gastroenterology and Colorectal Cancer Department.

She has authored more than 55 research papers published in peer-reviewed journals and has served as a peer reviewer for BMJ Supportive & Palliative Care.

In light of her clinical research in GI and Colorectal Surgery, she became interested in the field of Functional Diagnostic Nutrition and has been certified as a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition® Practitioner (FDN-P) to continue helping people understand the reasons behind their symptoms, particularly related to GI issues, skin problems, autoimmune conditions, and brain health.

As a certified FDN-P, Dr. D specializes in root cause analysis and utilizes principles of lifestyle and nutrition to help people reclaim their health.

Dr. D’s practice is unique because she is trained to provide access to and interpret a wide array of different diagnostic tests, based on functional ranges that other MDs do not typically use. She uses test results in combination with her comprehensive clinical research experience, specifically in Alzheimer’s Disease, Cancer, and Digestive Diseases, to educate her clients and design individualized health protocols, offering them the tools to regain their well-being and vitality.

Dr. D is passionate about educating her clients on how to support the body to function with ease as it was designed by applying healthy practices in all areas of life. She provides free health talks to enlighten and empower her audiences. Dr. D customizes the nature of her presentations to suit and engage the needs of each group respectfully. Her talks are conveyed with a sense of common sense and simplicity, with the objective of empowering people to make further inquiries, make better choices, and be considerate of themselves by listening to their bodies.-

We assess clients’ symptoms by taking their lifestyle and medical history to form an impression, in addition to lab data, to create a functional assessment. Then we educate the client by presenting an overview of the essential information on the body’s anatomy and functions associated with their test results and correlating those results with the client’s health complaints to develop an individualized therapeutic protocol.