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YOUnique Wellness


YOUnique Wellness

Testing Options

  • We utilize a metabolic typing questionnaire to understand your individual Metabolic Type (MT) and tailor dietary recommendations specifically for you,                  ensuring a sustainable energy level.
  • Leveraging cutting-edge Foundational Labs, we adopt a holistic method to assess six vital areas, uncovering hidden stressors and offering a thorough                  evaluation of your body’s functionality:
  • – Hormonal Function
  • – Immune Function
  • – Digestion
  • – Detoxification
  • – Energy Production
  • – Autonomic Nervous System
  • We also provide access to a diverse range of tests, many of which can be conveniently conducted in the comfort of your home.
  •        Test kits are shipped directly from the lab to your doorstep, and most kits include pre-paid return shipping.
  • Depending on your test results we offer 3-Month and 6-Month Programs! These programs are crafted for individuals dealing with symptoms, pre-existing              illnesses, or diseases who are eager to address the root cause and embark on a healing journey. Tailored specifically for you, our approach investigates the          origins of your concerns, aiming for comprehensive whole-body solutions!